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ART Expression is a deeply rewarding experience. Children and adults alike will be working in a safe and nurturing environment to explore the world around them and with in them. Using the highest quality art materials, students will focus on what they think, how their art makes them feel and what stories they have to express.

ART Expression will develop confidence and communication skills for self expression with out words and when sometimes words are not enough. Students can expect to feel an Increased sense of wellbeing, self awareness and insight.

The session starts with a quiet, self directed art exploration followed by an guided drawing, collage, clay, paint or printing experience that can be practiced for up to 30 minutes. Students will over the course of the term and year, collect a series of ‘tools’ to access at anytime and place giving them a sense of empowerment & strength to enjoy all life has to offer. Students are encouraged to choose one of these ‘tools’ each week to practice as the session comes to a close.

Students will also have the opportunity to create & keep their own ART Expression Visual Journal.

ART Expression is great for beginners, people who think they have 'no artistic bone in their body', those who wish to get to know & understand themselves better or would like to work through a tough or sensitive issue.

Children who experience Sensory Processing and Autism Spectrum issues will greatly benefit from ART Expression's sensitive, professional, individualised and caring approach.

ART is the antidote.

See Carly 0402148542 for Private Bookings $140ph