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Carly Schwerdt

Principal / Art TeacherB. Visual Communication (Hon) and B. Education (Spec)

Carly created Nest Studio in 2003 as a place for young creative minds to let their imaginations soar.  She is a graphic and textile designer with a degree in education (JP/P) and a passion for teaching art and creativity to young children. 

She is the Art Director and co-founder of Moonbow and has been working with children since 2001.

Carly has taught art in schools from Portland (OR) to Cairns and Adelaide, is the author of the book Little Artists Handmade (Penguin 2011) and has contributed to many print & craft books.  Carly enjoys reading picture books out loud, dreaming up wonderful ideas and spending time with her family roaming about the countryside.  She lives with here partner Chris and two creative daughters, Lily 14 & Olive 9.

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Amy Prior 

Art TeacherB. Visual Arts (1st Class Hon)

Amy is an Adelaide based artist and textile designer.  She studied at Sydney's East Sydney Tech after earning a BVA first class honours. Amy is the recipient of an Ethel Barringer award for best printmaker.

Amy lived and worked in Sydney and then Kyoto Japan for 3 years as a children's coordinator of an English language school, developing visual material to support English literacy. Upon returning to Adelaide to begin her own textile design studio, Amy worked as a teacher at the esteemed Ruth Tuck Art School. Amy's beautiful drawings and graphic sensibility inform her design work as co-founder of Moonbow.

Amy's 10 years teaching experience, innate eye for colour & detail, creative mind that effortlessly brings connectivity and meaning to her work, sensitive, intuitive & fun spirited nature make her an asset to Nest Studio. She lives with her husband Stefan and is the mother of three gorgeous girls, Grace 12, Eve 6 & Rose 6.


About this book

Children's art is gorgeous, innocent, delicate, bold, precious and telling; they create with a freedom of expression that adults can only dream of emulating.

In art classes taught at Nest Studio and indeed possibly your home, children are creating masterpieces every day. Maybe they a piling up on the fridge....

These artworks, so imperfectly perfect can inspire you to create something refreshing and unique - take another look. Next time you are working on a project and searching for inspiration - beg, borrow and steal your child's priceless designs. You can share & display them in really creative and sophisticated ways showing your child how much you value their efforts and ideas!


Little Artists Handmade  by Carly Schwerdt (Penguin 2011)

Little Artists Handmade by Carly Schwerdt (Penguin 2011)

This book is divided into two sections: the first contains art projects for your child, and the second has craft projects for you to make from their beautiful work. Each craft project includes a recommendation for which types of artwork from your child are particularly suitable, but in many cases you can easily adapt the project to suit any piece of art your child has made.

This book should leave you sure of two things: that your child's art is gorgeously relevant and you can easily make something fabulous with it at home.