ART Play 3+


ART Play is a tactile & fun artful session where everything seems new and must therefore be explored with all the senses. Children have the opportunity to play with thoughtfully presented quality art & imagination materials. The art process is a focus and highly valued in this session for its calming & natural learning effect, the act of doing and being present in the moment is a wonderful skill young children posses naturally, this is something we want to nurture and develop.

Children will develop their fine motor skills and become familiar with art materials all whilst developing their problem solving skills.

The story time routine is a favourite amongst the children, quality picture books are enjoyed by all and promote the children's visual literacy skills as well as introduce art concepts in a familiar manner.

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Our classes run for 9 weeks
Weeks 1-3 PAINT Focus
Weeks 4-6 SCULPTURE Focus
Weeks 7-9 PRINT Focus

2018 DATES
Term 1
Feb 14 - April 14

Term 2
May 9 - July 7

Term 3
Aug 1 - Sept 29

Term 4
Oct 17 - Dec 15

Join us for this fabulous year of art and creativity!