Contact us & stay in touch

The studio is open to students

Thursday 3:40 - 7:30pm

Saturday 9:30 - 4:00pm


Nest Studio 

147 Magill Road Stepney South Australia 5069

Leave a message here +61 (08) 8363 2489


Carly Schwerdt (principal & teacher) or 0402 148 542


The Shop is Open by appointment only

If you would like to pop in or make a purchase

please give Carly a call 0402 148 542

Nest Studio has scheduled OPEN STUDIO DAYS

so please stay in touch to keep in the know.


Umbrella Prints

Umbrella Prints products are available 24/7 at our online store

Please visit the Umbrella Prints website for all your fabric & wholesale needs.


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