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Dear Nest Studio Families

It is not without great thought, consideration and tears that I am announcing the closure of Nest Studio.

For the next twelve months I will be taking a sabbatical from commercial lease holding and all that comes with it. Nest Studio has grown over the past 15 years from a tiny art room on Queen Street Croydon to what it is today, a thriving, bright and beautiful space that honors children’s creativity here on Magill Road Stepney. To be very honest now, some of you will know that I have been working with health issues over the past three years, so with this break I am looking forward to better taking care of myself, so that I can better take care of my family. I have two gorgeously creative girls, approaching 15 years and 10 years and as those of you with teenagers will understand, the baby years are sleep deprived but as their independence grows their need for you takes on a whole new shape. I simply can’t do all of it, all at once.

Before we close on August 15, Nest Studio is running two weeks of holiday workshops so that you can soak up the last of the Nest fun this winter. We will also be running a jam packed fabulously creative, best of the best 4 week mini term from July 25 - August 18. There will be limited placements available and current students are getting advance notice with this newsletter, previous Nest Studio families will receive this newsletter next week. This gives you a little extra time to check dates and book in. Please book in online at neststudio.com.au (click on enrolments, which takes you to neststudio.bigcartel.com) all information & payment information is listed, please read it carefully as there have been some changes to make the last few months nice and smooth.

Nest Studio is honored to be invited again to develop and provide the Adelaide Festival Writers Week team with an eighth year of ADELAIDE WRITERS WEEK KIDS WEEKEND visual literacy activities in March 2019, so make sure you come along this time, get the most out of this awesome FREE two day event dedicated to children and their love of books and creativity, I would really love to see you!

I want to take this moment to thank you from the bottom of my heart for making Nest Studio what it is, with out you and the genius of your child’s creativity there would be no Nest Studio for everyone to enjoy, including me! It has been the greatest honor to spend the past 15 years getting to know your child, whether that has been for 15 years, 10 years, or 10 weeks, it has been a privilege to spend time being creative with them every week, it truly does fill me with joy and I know I am going to miss your child terribly. My hope is that some of Nest Studio has rubbed off and is carried with your child so they can draw upon it when they need a little inspiration and creativity in their lives.

Who knows ... maybe some time down the track Nest Studio will be of service? My home studio (that does not exist yet!) or ..... I am always open to ideas! In the mean time - good quality pencils and ANY paper out on the table available at all times, is the best & most effective way to encourage visual creativity at home. Always choose open ended creative experiences to nurture authentic creativity. 

I will be sending all children home with my top tips for creativity at home in August and make them available as a PDF from the Nest Studio website.

Thank you for your support, all my love and gratitude,

X Carly

Nest Studio is a vibrant space for art classes, a working graphic design studio, home to textile design house Moonbow and we have a teeny retail store stocking a beautiful, inspirational collection of thoughtful products for you, your child and your home.

Nest Studio was created over a decade ago to provide a nurturing space for children to learn how to think and be creative. At Nest Studio we believe all children are artists and that your child's innate creativity is best nurtured through playing & learning with beautiful quality art and imagination materials, under the guidance of professional teachers in a thoughtfully designed space.

Nest Studio is situated just 5 minutes from the city on the Magill Road bus route in the leafy suburb of Stepney, South Australia. We are directly across the road from beautiful Richards Park, amongst the cafes, Antiques and homewares stores.

Learning in a Visual Age

Visual art education provides opportunities for children to engage in memorable experiences and learn crucial skills that may not be offered by other core learning areas.  Art specifically asks questions, probes deeply, admits multiple view points, takes risks in expression and creates understanding and meaning within and across cultures.

Art tackles very different issues in different ways, compassion, empathy, vision, imagination, self esteem, humanity, creativity, innovation, risk and failure. Being able to confidently envision creative solutions to problems is a highly valued and necessary skill in the unknown workplace of the future and indeed life.

In addition to giving our children the science and math skills they need to compete in the new global context, we should also encourage the ability to think creatively that comes from a meaningful arts education. Obama

As skillful educators have found, teaching students to be creative is a deliberate process, much like teaching students to be literate or to be able to solve mathematics problems..

The infusion of arts doesn’t end when school is out. An excellent after-school program that offers students opportunities to engage in visual arts challenges that are aligned with the school’s curriculum is a fantastic advantage.

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Adelaide Festival Writers' Week Kids' Weekend 2012-2018

 Adelaide Festival Writers' Week Kids' Weekend 2015

Adelaide Festival Writers' Week Kids' Weekend 2015

Nest Studio is honored to have been invited for a seventh year running to essentially bring the studio to the park for Adelaide Festival Writers' Week Kids' Weekend.

 Pop the dates in your diary for 2018 - it's a super fun and creative weekend for the whole family, filled with books, authors, illustrators and art!  Pioneer Women’s Memorial Garden, King William Road  Sat 3 Mar - Sun 4 Mar, 9.30am - 3pm

Pop the dates in your diary for 2018 - it's a super fun and creative weekend for the whole family, filled with books, authors, illustrators and art! Pioneer Women’s Memorial Garden, King William Road Sat 3 Mar - Sun 4 Mar, 9.30am - 3pm