Term Focus    

Term 1 Painting 2013 - Mother's Day Exhibition

Term 1 Painting 2013 - Mother's Day Exhibition

Children participate in art activities to introduce and build on the concepts of colour, texture, composition and technique. They will develop their fine motor and problem solving skills and become familiar with a variety of art materials. Children are encouraged to use their wonderful imaginations and open up their eyes to really see the world around them.

At Nest Studio we love to mix things up! Principal Carly Schwerdt, revels in the opportunity to design fresh art making experiences for children each term. Some children have attended the studio for over 7 years, testament to the thoroughly engaging, ever changing and relevant curriculum.

Term 1 is traditionally the painting term, where colour theory and composition are a focus. Children work independently on canvas using water based oils & acrylics with the opportunity to exhibit in the Annual Nest Studio Mothers DayExhibition.

Term 2 is always exciting as the children explore the nature of clay building and sculpture. Half way through the term children begin to work independently on their art pieces to be exhibited in the annual SALA Festival

Term 3 is one for the drawers in the family as we study the works of talented picture book artists and illustrators. We often take this opportunity to create stop motion animations or publish our own books.

Term 4 is a firm favourite as we practice many print making techniques such as mono-printing, faux lino printing, letterpress, image transfer & screen printing.  


Our classes run for a full public term and are $250 per term